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Client Comments

“Our system has been contracting with AYR for two years to perform Joint Commission and CMS Conditions of Participation readiness and preparedness. Karen Fernandes and her team are exceptional professionals who are extremely knowledgeable. I consistently receive feedback from all of our facilities describing the positive experience they have had with the AYR professionals. Our resulting Joint Commission surveys have validated their value to us.”
Director of Care Management

“AYR is the most outstanding consulting firm I have ever worked with. Karen and her superior team provide not only the finest consultation and facility tours, but real solutions for all issues. I would and do recommend AYR to everyone.”
Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer

“The AYR Consulting Group utilizes knowledgeable and resourceful auditors, from a variety of backgrounds, who effectively inform and educate physicians and staff. The Group’s reports customarily reflect objective and comprehensive information, presented in clear, understandable, and actionable formats.”
Hospital Administrator

“Western Medical Center has worked with AYR Consulting since they were established in 2004. AYR’s services have always been first rate and their staff has been reasonable, responsible and extremely well informed and experienced. My entire team has great respect for the service they provide.”
Chief Executive Officer

“Absolutely the best at Joint Commission preparation and evaluation, would hire Karen again at the drop of the hat.”
Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer

“You always epitomized the essence of what we in healthcare strive to achieve – a dedicated, extremely intelligent, sincere, yet very humble individual. You have never assumed an arrogant or above-the-fray stance; rather, you have always been true to your mission of helping us help our customers – patients! You represent what’s good “out there” – no game playing, no affectations; just a person who has often gone out of her way to assure that all of us understand what it takes to uphold the trust others place on us – selfless dedication to a goal! You’ve always inspired me, from the first time we met.”
Director, Performance Improvement

“Thank you for all that I have learned from you and your selected team in meeting the rapid changes we saw as Quality and Patient Safety rose to the level of importance that it always should have been. Your hard work and dedication to bring this message to chip away at the corporate culture is difficult and frustrating, but you always held up your professionalism which is extremely admirable. Thank you for establishing the close relationships with Joint Commission, Pt Safety Foundation and other regulatory agencies - which in turn helped us to establish sound practices, policies and open communication with these entities. I bet I could conduct and write a RCA and Action plan in my sleep! And we have finally seen Joint Commission make survey changes that make sense - which you were also instrumental in advising.”
Risk Manager,


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